The real taste of the seafood, with a drop of lemon, a foretaste of the treasures of our cuisine

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Book your table at the sea-view Sorrento restaurant Mustafà Seiano Naples!

Reserve your table in a Sorrento restaurant and Italian restaurant for your unforgettable moments with sea-view on Vico Equense beach. Share your special moments with the unique taste of traditional italian  and Sorrento recipes, between the blue sea of Seiano and the gorgeous sunsets on the Gulf of Naples.

For lunch, a short distance from the most beautiful beaches of the Sorrento Peninsula, in the beautiful sunny days, book your privileged place in a sea-view Sorrento restaurant with the magnificent scenery of the little quaint harbor and the ancient marine village of Vico Equense.

For dinner, book your table in the popular Italian restaurant in Seiano, Mustafà, to savor delicious fresh fish dishes, while the sun dives into the sea near the spectacular Punta Scutolo. 

Enjoy our menu... fragrant dishes, delicious and simple, to be enjoyed in good company at the seaside